Broad experience in municipal, zoning, planning, preservation easement and environmental law through its municipal clients, provides H&W with unique ability to represent its non-municipal clients in these same areas as applicants, homeowners and business people.

Incorporated Village of Matinecock

P.O. Box 706
Locust Valley, NY 11560-0706
Phone- 516-671-7790
Fax- 516-671-3723


Dr. Kenneth J. Goodman

Board of Trustees

Albert Kalimian (Deputy Mayor)
Carol E. Large
William R. Denslow, Jr.
Alan Seligson
James F. Wellington
Hugh O'Kane, Jr.


Board of Zoning Appeals
  Herbert L. Smith, IV (Chairman)
Linda S. Gardiner
Linda Berke
William I. Hollingsworth 
Hugh J. Weidinger
Jonathan Green(ALternate)

Planning Board

  Robert Marmorale(Chairman)
Philip Pool
Marvin Schecter
John O'Kane
  Ben Stokes


William H. Simonds

Village Justice

Hon. Luke D. Lynch, Jr.

Court Clerk

Susan Egan


Peter B. Colgrove


Kiera E. Flynn
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